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Greenberg Variations Capital (GVC), a new investment banking firm devoted to clients engaged in one-off or lightly competitive transactions, has opened for business, according to Andrew Greenberg, GVC’s chief executive officer.

“Wide-open auctions will always have a place in the M&A market,” said Mr. Greenberg. “But more and more processes involve counterparties who have more or less found one another, or sellers looking at a limited buyer universe. GVC provides a more closely tailored, cost-efficient solution for the principals in these transactions.”

GVC focuses exclusively on: (1) one-off or focused sell side opportunities; (2) targeted acquisitions or recapitalizations; (3) mergers or other strategic combinations and (4) proprietary transactions that the firm originates.

“Buyers are putting more resources into the generation of proprietary deal flow, and sellers, in general, have become more sophisticated about the deal landscape in their respective industries,” said Mr. Greenberg. “There’s scope in the industry for a process geared to clients who don’t need a far-flung marketing effort, but do need assistance presenting their business, arriving at an initial bargain, and protecting that bargain on the path to closing.”

GVC can charge less than traditional investment banks because the firm is not required to utilize and pay for the platform required to execute on full out auctions, added Mr. Greenberg.

Andrew Greenberg is a leading practitioner and analyst in middle-market M&A. He has been an investment banker focused on the middle market since 1995, most recently as a managing director with TM Capital. He is also CEO and co-founder of GF Data, one of the largest collectors and publishers of confidential data on private equity-backed transactions in the $10 million to $250 million value range.

Greenberg Variations Capital is headquartered in West Conshohocken, PA (