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Access to Reliable
M&A Transaction Data

GF Data gives subscribers more reliable external information to use in valuing and assessing M&A transactions. No other source provides data of this quality and granularity in the middle market.

For Capital Providers

Lenders, subordinated debt providers and other capital sources use our data to gain outside perspective on their own market experience.

  • Understand market dynamics in leveraged transactions
  • React to proposals and perspectives of those seeking financing
  • Knowledgeably discuss valuation and strategic alternatives
  • Refine modeling assumptions (e.g., assumed exit multiples)
  • Dissect decisions for internal discussion and analysis

For Investment Banks

For investment bankers, access to on-point valuation information is key to advising clients, managing seller expectations and providing realistic data points in pitches. GF Data is more on-target than traditional valuation tools that rely on incomplete information or on public deal data that is not appropriate to the $10 million to $500 million deal space. GF Data helps investment banks:

  • Value clients and other businesses
  • Manage the valuation expectations of business owners and executives
  • Educate and secure commitments from capital sources
  • Represent client interests with buyers and other counter parties

For M&A Attorneys

M&A, PE and corporate finance attorneys utilize GF Data to provide realistic, current market knowledge.  On-target benchmarks of valuation, leverage and deal volume help attorneys offer definitive guidance and recognize changing market conditions. GF Data provide specific ranges of key deals terms other than price. GF Data is the most complete source of benchmarks for:

  • General indemnification against breaches of reps and warranties as a percentage of purchase price
  • Survival period for that indemnification
  • “Basket” or deductible for breaches of reps and warranties
  • Amount of funds held back as a percentage of purchase price and escrow period

For Private Equity Firms

Our database helps private equity firms:

  • Understand market dynamics in competitive sale processes
  • Gain an authoritative third-party perspective with regard to sellers, investors and accounting needs
  • Evaluate and manage proposals
  • More knowledgeably discuss value
  • Refine modeling assumptions (e.g., assumed exit multiples)
  • Dissect decisions for internal discussion and analysis

GF Data also provides better benchmarks for meeting the Fair Value Measurement standards enacted in FASB Statement No.157 that directs PE firms and others to use fair value measurement in their accounting for fiscal years and interim periods beginning after November 15, 2007. The Private Equity Investment Guidelines Group (PEIGG) and the CFA Institute have endorsed the fair value approach as well.

Important note: Private equity firms active in the GF Data deal range of $10 million to $500 million must provide data on completed acquisitions in order to subscribe. PE data providers receive a discounted rate.

For Valuation Firms

Valuation professionals utilize GF Data to benchmark changing market conditions, provide an accurate reasonableness test by specific industry and deal size, capture timely capital structure and debt-pricing data in building cost of capital comparisons and to break down market dynamics of size growth rates and margins when adjusting older or larger comps.

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